Our training

Sharing knowledge and skills to make a difference.

Fardeen being measured and fitted for his new wheelchair

We provide training in the UK and across the world, helping to make sure more people receive the right wheelchair with the right training to meet their needs.

Our training is a crucial part of our mission, to make sure that people with disabilities stay healthy, get mobile and play an active part in their communities.

Watch our film to find out why the Right Wheelchair in the Right Way is so important

We provide needs-based training for individuals, national and international non-government organisations, government departments, healthcare services and private businesses.

Wheelchair Service Training Package

(Basic, Intermediate and Managers)

Developed in partnership with the World Health Organization, this trains personnel or volunteers to provide properly fitted wheelchairs, alongside individual training for wheelchair users on how to use and maintain their chair, and how to stay healthy.

Click here to find out more here about the Wheelchair Service Training Packages

Parent / Carer Training

When wheelchair users are children, training also has to focus on the parents / caregivers. Children with disabilities can have complex needs, and carers are often cut off from the crucial knowledge they need to both understand and manage their child’s disability - especially if disability carries a stigma. This training quite simply saves lives.

Peer Group Training

Motivation’s PGT Package trains experienced wheelchair users to become ‘peer trainers’. This practical, hands-on training creates ambassadors, who can teach new wheelchair users a range of skills, from mobility skills to health, sexuality to sport.

Sport Development Programmes

We can provide top-level training and technical support to establish life changing sports programmes. We also have the equipment that makes these programmes a reality. Motivation produces high quality, affordable wheelchairs that open up disability sport to those for whom cost is a huge barrier. Our new Multisport wheelchair is suitable for all court-based sports and is less than half the price of an average sports wheelchair.

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You can read an overview of our training here.