About us

Who we are

Motivation helps disabled people to stay healthy, get mobile and play an active part in their communities.

We work mainly in developing countries where, without mobility, millions of people are unable to leave their homes, go to school or to work. Wheelchairs are at the heart of what we do.

Teamed with our innovative training, Motivation wheelchairs have been helping to transform lives for over 23 years.

Every day, we see first-hand how providing the right chair, in the right way, brings people independence, confidence and hope for the future.

In order to support as many disabled people as possible, we regularly provide specialist advice and consultancy to others and are particularly proud to work hand in hand with The World Health Organization, helping to develop guidelines and training for the provision of wheelchair services across the sector.

We are also playing a significant role in helping to develop grass roots sport: our sports wheelchair range, commissioned by the International Paralympic Committee, was launched at London 2012.

Our high quality, low cost, products and support include: trikes, supportive seating, urinary continence management kits and education sessions for parents of disabled children.

When it comes to mobility, we’re passionate experts.