We are a global disability charity and social enterprise. Our vision is for a world in which all disabled people are included and can fully participate in all areas of life.

Through our wheelchairs, services and training projects, we have been changing the lives of disabled people in developing countries for over thirty years.

Your support allows us to enable mobility, independence and new opportunities for disabled people around the world

According to the World Health Organization:

  • 75m people worldwide need a wheelchair

  • 80% disabled people in developing countries live in poverty

  • 90% disabled children in the developing world do not go to school

Stories from our community

  • Mariam and John, Uganda

    John's training helped him bond with his daughter, learn about cerebral palsy and join a community of support. Read more

  • Akmal's active attitude to life

    Akmal received a Motivation wheelchair after getting a spinal cord injury as a child. This is his story about rebuilding an active life. Read more

  • Joel, Kenya

    Joel worked as a driver until, one day in 2015, he fell from a height and sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury. Read more