Without mobility, millions of disabled people in the developing world are being left behind.

The right wheelchair can save a life - and change a life.
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  • 70m people worldwide need a wheelchair

  • 80% disabled people in developing countries live in poverty

  • 90% disabled children in the developing world do not go to school

Empower mothers like Susan

Donate today to give mothers the skills and understanding they need to care for their disabled children.


Author: Anna-Kate Taylor

Target amount: £20000.00

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A day in the life of a wheelchair technician

This World Health Day, Herbert explains why his work as a Motivation wheelchair technician is so important.


Author: Anna-Kate Taylor

Meet Perry, our Marathon champion

Perry has raised a whopping £23,500 for Motivation, an incredible achievement.


Author: Holly Vandyke

My week in a wheelchair

Fundraising officer, Anna-Kate, spent a week in a wheelchair to get an idea of the daily challenges wheelchair users face.


Author: Anna-Kate Taylor

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