Without mobility, millions of disabled people in the developing world are being left behind. But the right wheelchair can save a life.
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  • 70m people worldwide need a wheelchair

  • 80% disabled people in developing countries live in poverty

  • 90% disabled children in the developing world do not go to school

Innovating for Disability

Celebrating transformational solutions at the 2019 FT/IFC Awards.


Author: Joanna Hall

10 years of Motivation sports

2019 marks ten years since our first sports wheelchairs rolled off the production line. It’s been an incredible journey.

The next generation of wheelchairs

As technology evolves, we’re thinking even more boldly about wheelchair design and provision.


Author: Anna Reeve

Help people like Amir to travel to work

Your support could provide more wheelchairs to people like Amir, so they can be independent and find employment.


Author: Gemma Langley

Target amount: £6,000.00

Amount raised: £1,322.00


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