Imagine if everyone turned their back on your child. 

Many parents like Sumayiah, whose daughter Rania has Cerebral Palsy, don't have to imagine. Sumayiah explains, "my husband's family rejected her."

Sumayiah says, “Rania was born with a condition that I only later got to know was a disability. I first realised that Rania was disabled at one year old. Rania couldn’t sit, crawl or stop drooling... I was scared of her condition. I did not know how to feed or position her. I didn’t even know how to make her sit... I was miserable all the time, crying for my child. I was just in my world alone. I was locked
in my house crying ‘why me?’”

Sumayiah and Rania were referred to Motivation’s Parent and Caregiver Training (PCT). Parent and Caregiver Training empowers parents and caregivers with the skills and knowledge they need to support their disabled child. Training helps with feeding and communication,
understanding the causes of disability and reducing stigma.

Sumayiah says, “my life has totally changed. [The training] has improved my confidence because I realise I am not alone.

“I got the chance to be taught how to play, care, love and be patient with my daughter. To do exercises. When I learnt how to feed her and knew what kind of food to give her, I saw a change. She did not follow the normal process of other children learning to crawl, one day she just stood up and tried to walk.

“I am a happy parent and have real hope now for my daughter. My husband’s family rejected her [before], but now they absolutely love her.

“Now Rania is a very active and energetic child. A very happy child. She will not sit in one place! She loves people when they visit her home. She likes interacting with them!”

With your support, more parents could have the opportunity to attend Parent and Caregiver Training and gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to improve their child’s quality of life. Please, donate today.