Help us to ensure that older people like Moses continue to be valued. Help us to build a future we are all proud of.

On the 3rd December, we celebrated the UN International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD). The theme this year was ‘The Future We Want’ and will build on the momentum of the Sustainable Development Goals, which were launched a year ago with a commitment from the global community to eradicate poverty, combat inequality and realise human rights for all.

We are all living longer but some of us will face greater challenges than others. Irrespective of age or ability, everybody has a stake in the future but older disabled people in developing countries are often overlooked by aid programmes.

If we are to ensure that the most vulnerable and marginalised are not left behind, we must act now to secure a future that we can all be proud of – a future that we would want for ourselves in our later years.

We try to make sure that Motivation projects work for everyone, recognising that every person is unique and that one solution may not be appropriate for all. By listening to the needs of each individual, we can make sure that people like Moses get the right wheelchair or assistive technology for their lifestyle, along with the right sort of training.    

In addition to practical support, your donations also help us to work with national and international governments, humanitarian organisations, and other partners across the sector, to influence best practice and ensure that everybody gets the chance to benefit from economic prosperity, inclusive education or fairer access to healthcare.