Change the lives of disabled people like Catherine

Across the developing world, thousands of disabled people like Catherine lack suitable wheelchairs. They are often reliant on their families and isolated from their communities.

By supporting Motivation today, you can help people like Catherine change their lives for good. Your donation could provide a wheelchair so they can become become mobile and independent. It could deliver crucial mobility training so they can feel confident in their new wheelchairs. 

When Catherine was seventeen, she experienced sudden numbness in her leg before gradually losing her mobility.

Without being able to walk, she had no choice but to stay in bed every day. She felt isolated as all her friendships faded away and before long, she'd lost all her confidence. Catherine completely gave up on the life she'd imagined for herself - a good job and a family of her own - and resigned herself to being trapped in her home.

But when Catherine met staff from Motivation, her life changed forever.

She attended a training session that concentrated on new mobility skills, helping her to feel confident when she went out and about on her own.

She also met other wheelchair users, which helped her to feel less isolated. She was able to make friends with people who had similar experiences to her and today, with their help, she is living an independent life.

Following support from Motivation, Catherine is looking forward to an exciting future with her family. She is delighted to have a baby daughter called Elsie, and is looking forward to getting a new job. She is considering training as a counsellor so she can help other people with disabilities.

There are many people like me; you are in a wheelchair and that is your life. But the more people we can reach out to, the more lives we can change... Thank you, Motivation - you made life possible for me.

Catherine is just one of thousands of people who could change their lives with the help of Motivation.
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