Please donate to help tackle the double discrimination faced by women and girls like Bernadette. And, this Christmas your donation will be matched - having double the impact on double discrimination!

Bernadette, from Malawi, became paralysed after an operation to remove a tumour on her back. 

Bernadette explained, "Life was miserable... being someone who was used to taking care of myself, it was challenging to be treated like a child... I was not welcomed because of my physical challenge, I was like a hindrance." 

Bernadette experienced discrimination and harassment because of her disability and gender. “Some people did not allow me to participate in any community activities because of my disability. They thought I cannot perform in whatever I do... When I am at gatherings, whenever the opposite sex are helping me they take advances on me because of my condition."

By donating today, you could provide an appropriate and well-fitting wheelchair to a disabled woman or girl like Bernadette, along with the training to improve her confidence and self-esteem. 

Everything changed for Bernadette, when she received a wheelchair from Motivation and attended Motivation’s Peer Training. The Peer Training allowed Bernadette to meet successful disabled women, who taught her mobility skills and about disability rights, increasing her confidence and making her feel less isolated. “After receiving support from Motivation, I am strong to stand on my own two feet and not let [men] abuse me. I am able to go and participate with my friends.”

She says, “I am now living a happy life after receiving a wheelchair from Motivation. The training helped me know wheelchair skills and how to deal with my bladder. The trainings changed me a lot because I am now able to do house chores. For example, now I can bathe, cook, clean and take care of my kids. It helped me to know wheelchair skills such as transferring from wheelchair to bed and from wheelchair to toilet seat.”

Now Bernadette says, “I have a bright future. And my dream is to reach out to many lives, especially to those with physical challenges, to think positively!”

From providing a wheelchair enabling women to leave the home, to Peer Training helping overcome isolation and bringing families together to be more equal, and Parent and Caregiver Training enabling disabled girls to achieve their dreams, your donation could end double discrimination for women and girls like Bernadette.

Can you donate this Christmas, and help end the double discrimination that disabled women and girls face?