“My hope is to complete my university education and get a good job to support my family and be self-reliant.”

Will you give a regular monthly gift to help disabled people, like Jackie, reach their potential every day?

Twenty-eight year old Jackie was in her final year at a top university in Kenya when she developed a tumour on her spine. She became paralysed and, without any support, she had to leave her course.

“I am using an orthopaedic wheelchair I was given from a local hospital. No assessment was done. One doctor just pitied me and gave me a wheelchair from the hospital… It is not good at all. It is very large, it hurts me and it’s not comfortable. I experience much back pain. I am always fatigued and to avoid this I am forced to spend most of my time on my bed.

“Managing my bladder and bowels is [also] a very big issue to me. This makes me not want to interact with other people. At home I sit on my wheelchair, which has a commode, and when I leak the urine will drop in the commode.

“I deferred from university because it was too much for me to cope with the situation I was going through and the studies.”

“There were rumours from my community that I was bewitched. That the tumour was placed on my spine as the result of being bewitched... [My boyfriend] left me and refused to take care of me and our child. He told me that his mother advised him to cut ties. He listened to his mother and got married to another woman.

“Even my close relatives have a mentality that I will never up add up to anything. My cousin started a family WhatsApp group and refused to add me. She said ‘I don’t think Jackie will add any value to this group.”

Jackie’s life is on hold while she waits to receive a wheelchair through Motivation. We will make sure it is suitable for her environment and expertly fitted to her requirements. We will invite Jackie to our Motivation Peer Training course, where she’ll learn skills and knowledge from experienced wheelchair users, so she can keep healthy, achieve independence and build confidence.

A wheelchair and training could enable Jackie to go back to university and complete her degree. Will you help people like her with a monthly donation to our work?

“I would appreciate the opportunity to attend Motivation training, so that I can be empowered how to propel myself independently. [So I] have the opportunity to interact with people from different places who have spinal cord injuries, and have overcome the challenges. And so I can learn how to be independent and see life in a better way.

“My friend who attended Motivation training [said] his life has really changed.”

Can you help more disabled people like Jackie to build independent, fulfilling lives, by giving a regular monthly gift?

Giving a regular gift via Direct Debit allows us to plan ahead and commit to long term projects to ensure we are there to support people like Jackie. This is especially important as we work to rebuild our services after COVID-19. Direct Debits are safe, convenient and a cost effective way to support.

Your support means we can ensure more people like Jackie have access to products and training. Your help can empower them to get an education, find a job, engage with their communities and transform their lives. 

 “I will be glad getting support from you. Thank you and be blessed.” - Jackie