For more than 30 years, Motivation has been providing wheelchairs, training, and services, transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of disabled people all over the world.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of a significant grant from the UK Government due to international aid cuts, Motivation is facing serious challenges. We urgently need your help to continue our vital services for disabled children and adults.

Can you help?

Please will you donate today to help us recover and continue our vital work? 

During the pandemic, disabled adults and children were left behind and forgotten. National and international efforts often ignored their needs and they suffered greatly.  

Together with supporters like you, we rallied to support thousands of disabled people and their families, providing information, food and medical supplies, as well as remote clinical and technical support to help them stay healthy and safe. 

We have tried to manage our loss of income by making necessary but painful changes to UK staffing and reducing overheads wherever we could. But now our recovery plan has been hit hard by lower wheelchair sales from our social enterprise than any equivalent quarter in the last decade, meaning we have lost a key source of income for our work in the short term.

We are worried for the future of Motivation – and for the people who have a right to the wheelchairs and the services we provide.

One in seven of us lives with a disability. In the countries where we work, it is estimated to be one in five. Yet just 0.5% of all international aid goes to projects focused on disability, and even less to providing appropriate wheelchairs.

That is why we advocate for improvement in the sector and deliver programmes that focus on sustainable change, that goes on long after the donor funding and project work stops. 

That’s why we are launching the Keep Us Moving Urgent Appeal. Can you donate to help us recover and continue our vital work around the world?

If you can, please help ensure our work not only survives but thrives to deliver change well beyond these difficult times.

This appeal is essential to ensure the survival of Motivation, the future of our projects, and accessibility, inclusion and prosperity for disabled people around the world.