“Now I am able to assist rather than be assisted. The wheelchair is our legs and [I] can’t move without it!” Abdul, Pakistan

With millions of disabled people around the world in urgent need of an appropriate wheelchair, we know that we've got a lot of work to do - but with your help we know we can do it. 

Just £140 can provide someone with a wheelchair and transform a life. For good.

But it's much more than just one wheelchair. Change one person's life and others benefit too; families, communities, even local economies as disabled get back into the workforce. Your donation is a powerful thing.

Meet Abdul...

In Pakistan, we have worked with wheelchair services in three regions – mainly in the conflict-affected north of the country. High incidence of injury, coupled with challenging mountain terrain has left many disabled people in these areas marginalised and without access to appropriate wheelchairs.  

Through our most recent work, we have trained staff from nine wheelchair services to assess and fit people with wheelchairs that fit their unique needs. Over the last two years, nearly 500 people have received a new wheelchair and 100% of those asked were pleased with the product and service!

Abdul sustained a spinal cord injury after a motorcycle accident five years ago. He was given a Motivation wheelchair through one of our trained partners, the Chal Foundation. He was also shown how to use the wheelchair on slopes and steps so that he can get around his village more easily. He is now much less dependent on others, can once again support his family and is planning on setting up his own shop.

As well as secure funds for specific projects each year, we need to raise funds to ensure that we can continue offering our expertise and advice to partners around the world. A donation towards our 25th anniversary online appeal this year will help us to ensure that we keep the wheels in motion.