At eight years old, Tapiwa was miserable at school. Despite her disability, her mother Sara was desperate for her to receive a decent education. But without a wheelchair or understanding from her classmates, Tapiwa felt upset and alone.

Tapiwa has muscular dystrophy, which means she is unable to walk without help. Sara used to carry her to and from school each day but she had to sit on the floor when she got there. Her classmates would step on her as they passed by, and even told her that they did not want to be friends with her in case they caught her disability.

Then last year, Tapiwa’s life changed for good. She received a brand new Motivation wheelchair, enabling her to get to school comfortably and giving her somewhere to sit in class. The impact was immediate.

Before my wheelchair, life was hard for me and my mother. But my wheelchair is comfortable and I use the tray for eating, writing at school and playing with my toys.

Tapiwa also attended Motivation peer training where she was given support, advice and training by other wheelchair users. She learnt new mobility skills helping her to feel confident in her wheelchair, and was encouraged to aim high and be determined at school.

 “I want to finish school," she told us. "My aunt is a bank manager. She is my role model so I want to work hard in school and be like her.”

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