When Amir was a child, the thought of finding employment was nothing more than a dream... Today, he is proud to have two jobs, support himself and play a role in his community.

When Amir was a child, he became paralysed. No longer able to move or speak, his community discriminated against him and his parents feared for his future. But they never gave up, and when he began to recover some communication and mobility during his teenage years, they enrolled him in school. His confidence and determination grew, and after eight years, he completed his education. It was then that he first met Motivation and received a tricycle that enables him to travel long distances.

“When I go anywhere, people tell me how good my tricycle looks! It makes me feel good when people admire it.”

Amir’s Motivation trike has given him freedom and new opportunities. In fact, he is currently working at two different jobs! He is focusing on the future and has told us that he would like to open a business of his own or work for a service that helps other people access life-changing wheelchairs and trikes.

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