Across the developing world, thousands of disabled children like Hope face uncertain futures.

When Hope was a toddler, her father John did not know how to look after her. He was afraid people would hurt her because of her disability so he decided not to send her to school. Isolated from the community, he started to worry about Hope becoming independent in the future.

Sadly, their situation is not uncommon. Many parents like John lack confidence when it comes to caring for their disabled children. They are often shunned from society and cut off from the world around them.

John joined a Motivation parent support group and started attending every week. As well as having a new support network, he was able to discuss experiences and problems with new friends who could offer advice. What's more, he received training that taught him how to look after Hope in the best way possible.

Before long, he felt much more confident and even enrolled Hope in school. He learnt how to breed chickens from another parent in the group and is now saving the extra income for Hope's future.

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