Shamimu lost her ability to walk in a car accident. Unable to work, her family began to struggle so her husband decided to leave the family home to find well paid employment.

With four children to look after, Shamimu relied on her neighbours for everything but they soon grew tired of her. She had so little money that she had to pull all of her children out of school and was constantly worried about where their next meal would come from. Before long, she spiralled into depression. She told us she had given up and considered taking her own life.

But when she met Motivation, everything changed for the better. Peer trainers who are wheelchair users themselves visited Shamimu giving her friendship, emotional support, and essential guidance. They taught her daily exercises that helped her to stay mobile, and taught her how to prevent pressure sores and breathing problems.

Their advice helped Shamimu to view herself differently, enabled her to regain her confidence and empowered her to take back control of her life. Her attitude has changed and she is looking towards a positive future with her family.

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