Lucy's daughter Waldah was just a few months old when she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. She had trouble with her posture and vision, and Lucy found it difficult to bond with her.

What's more, negative attitudes from their community meant the pair were shunned from events and excluded from every day life. Even their family cut ties with them. To make matters worse, Lucy was given an ultimatum by her boss: get rid of Waldah or lose her job.

Finding herself ostracised, alone and unemployed, Lucy fell into a deep depression and did not know where to turn.

But before long, Lucy attended Motivation parent carer training which had an immediate, life-changing impact. She met with other mothers of disabled children and realised she was not alone. She also learnt about Waldah's condition, the importance of correct posture and how best to feed her. She was also taught about disability rights, giving her the knowledge she needs to challenge discrimination and stigma in her community.

This new-found understanding helped Lucy to bond with her daughter and empowered her to regain control of their lives.

I would like to say that I am very thankful to Motivation and the people who support them. They changed my life.

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