Around the world, approximately 70 million people are in urgent need of a wheelchair.

Without one, many people are unable to leave their homes, go to school or find employment. Many feel isolated from their friends and family, cut off from the world around them. Many lose their lives to preventable health complications. Most live in extreme poverty.

Without a wheelchair, Jereld’s mother had little hope for his future. Unable to sit up alone or feed himself, Jereld needed constant care. His family had to save up for private transport each time he needed to go to hospital and, trapped in his home, Jereld was unable to make friends with other children.

But his Motivation wheelchair changed the lives of the whole family. They are now able to spend more money on food, household items and school fees. And most importantly, Jereld is able to get outside and socialise.

“Being in a wheelchair will expose him to new experiences,” Jereld’s mother told us. “He will learn more about his surroundings. He is able to sit up now and with training, he will be able to feed himself.”

Support people like Jereld by donating to our Wheelchair Fund*

You can help our Wheelchair Fund raise £20,000 to provide 400 disabled people with life-changing wheelchairs. This will enable them to be part of their communities, go to school or find employment. It will help them to build their confidence, socialise and stay mobile, active and healthy. It will give them the freedom to live the lives they choose. Make a donation today.

*Donations generated by Motivation's Wheelchair Fund will go into our general funds and be used to provide more disabled people with the wheelchairs they need. This includes wheelchair assessment, fitting and training.