Provide disabled people like Harrison with the Rough Terrain wheelchair he needs to be mobile, active and independent.

Meet Harrison

Our Rough Terrain wheelchair - and the training to go with it - made an immediate impact on Harrison's life and gave him hope for the future.

When Harrison was left paralysed after a car accident, the hospital gave him a poorly-fitted wheelchair that was unsuitable for the uneven ground in his community. Unable to get around, he soon became depressed and thought about ending his life.

But his rugged, off-road wheelchair changed everything for him.

He began to move around with confidence and ease, and now uses public transport on his own. With his new-found independence, Harrison can think about his future.

My family couldn't understand how much my life changed. I am independent and have the skills to look after myself.

Our Rough Terrain wheelchair

The Rough Terrain is Motivation's most iconic wheelchair.

The simplicity of the design and the decision to use  three wheels instead of four has made all the difference. It is robust enough to withstand the environment in Harrison's village, and the extra wheel provides stability so that Harrison can propel himself over uneven ground.

So far, our Rough Terrain wheelchair has given freedom and confidence to over 25,000 people around the world. But, from India to Uganda, Kenya to Sri Lanka, there are hundreds more disabled people waiting to start living life to the full.

You can make a difference by donating today

Donate today and help us raise £21,000 - enough money to provide Rough Terrain wheelchairs to another 150 people around the world. Please note, your donation will be spent across our projects wherever it will have the greatest impact.