He did it! Ten year old Jacob has completed his twenty-six day challenge!

Tuesday 19th July

We are delighted to share that young Jakey has completed his epic marathon challenge! Having successfully run one mile a day for twenty-six days in a row, he has already well exceeded his initial £300 target. To date, this little fundraiser has raised a jaw dropping £911.70 for our recent When I Grow Up appeal which will be doubled by the UK government as part of the UK Aid Match scheme.

Over the past month, Jakey has garnered widespread support from members of his local community following a feature in the local newspaper detailing his efforts. A friend of Jakey's even donated money given to him from the tooth fairy to help his buddy get that little bit nearer to his fundraising goal.

Motivation would like to say a huge thank you and big well done Jakey for being so dedicated and determined in completing his run. It's a truly momentous achievement and should stand as an inspiration to us all.

Find out why he chose to take on the challenge...

Meet Jacob...

I am ten years old and I love sport, and wanted to use sport to help others.

So I have decided to run a mile a day for 26 days consecutively to raise money for a great charity called Motivation. They help disabled boys and girls in poor counties across Africa.

In particular I want to raise money for their new When I Grow Up appeal, which will help disabled children in Uganda, who aren't as lucky as me.

I know a mile a day doesn't sound like much, but the challenge will be doing it every day whatever the weather even through storms if necessary. I will run with my mum, around the meadow behind my house, and by joining friends at our local Park Run.

The only downside, but also good for me, is that I will have less time for laziness and tech in the house!

Feeling inspired?

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