“I am very happy to see Jashmine coming to school by herself. She says she wants to be a doctor or a teacher when she grows up.” - Jashmine's headmistress

As the new school year starts here in the UK, we will be pushing to ensure that disabled children in the developing world can access education. Currently, only around 10% do.

The overwhelming majority of disabled children in the developing world do not attend school. For many, it is because they do not have the wheelchair they need to get there, or their local school is not accessible.

At Motivation, we provide specially designed wheelchairs that help children to be mobile. Our Moti Go provides essential postural support and a detachable tray that helps with school work, meal times and play, for example. And our tricycles allow older children to travel to school independently, even over longer distances.

On the road to a brighter future

Jashmine uses a Motivation trike to travel to school. She was born with no lower limbs and had reconstructive surgery on her fingers to make them easier to use.

Before she received her trike, her parents had to carry her to school or push her on a bicycle. Her mother was exhausted and constantly worried about the amount of time she was spending away from the family business; she considered pulling Jashmine out of school or moving her somewhere closer to home.

“I have known the family for many years,” Consella, Jashmine’s headmistress, told us.

“When we first offered Jashmine to join our school, her parents were not very willing because they’d have to carry her. We gave them support with their school costs and said Jashmine should come to school with us. It was then that we were contacted by Motivation about wheelchairs for students like Jashmine.”

Jashmine received a Motivation trike that changed her life. Her father told us she has become confident and goes out without hesitation. She is happy to travel to school on her own, has become more independent, and can even help with the business by going to market to pick up stock.

 “I am very happy to see Jashmine coming to school by herself,” Consella explained. “She is enthusiastic, confident and ambitious. She joins in with music and dance, is a very good artist and speaks in English! She says she wants to be a doctor or a teacher when she grows up.”

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As the new school year starts, you can help us provide more wheelchairs to disabled children like Jashmine so they can access education and live independent lives.

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