"We’re thrilled, and privileged, to be working alongside such a fantastic organisation." Rebecca, CTN

Monday 8th February 2016

We're so delighted that CTN Communications have chosen Motivation as their charity of the year for 2016. CTN will be helping us with lots of projects throughout the year and we are thrilled to have them on board. I recently caught up with Rebecca Denholm, CTN's Head of Film and Video to find out why they decided Motivation was the charity for them...

Rebecca's Motivation

I first heard about Motivation through one of its co-founders, David Constantine MBE.  As one fact after another emerged about the amazing work they did, I was struck by how odd it was that they are relatively unknown in the UK.  True, their work takes place mostly overseas in developing countries, but they’re a success story by any standard and in my view they should be a household name.

So I was beyond thrilled when CTN voted for them to be our Charity of the Year for 2016. At the end of this blog I’ll explain a bit about the sort of work we’re hoping to do together, but first, who and what is Motivation?

In a nutshell, Motivation designs and builds high-quality, affordable wheelchairs for people in developing countries. They take into consideration the users' needs and their environment. A rural terrain needs a different type of wheelchair to an urban road. Children obviously have very different requirements to adults.

Motivation works with individuals not just on survival and mobility, but empowering them to become valued and included in society. This might take the form of peer training on using a new wheelchair, developing skills to generate an income or helping children attend school, and raising awareness in the wider community.

The emphasis is on keeping things local, so they’ll either set-up teams with local people and/or work with existing projects.

In recent years, they’ve designed and built sports wheelchairs. They’ve developed an Emergency Response Wheelchair and training for rapid deployment in humanitarian disasters.

Motivation are sector leaders in thought as well as deed. They were also major contributors to the World Health Organization’s guidelines on global standards for manual wheelchairs in less-resourced settings.

Now for the ‘who’. Motivation is made up of designers, innovators, campaigners, implementers, fund-raisers and inspirers. They’re a small team of incredibly dedicated individuals who have been doing amazing work for 25 years.

Over the next twelve months, CTN will work with Motivation to help spread the word about the amazing work they’re doing (and help them celebrate their quarter-of-a-century!). We’ll do this by making videos, producing events with them, supporting them on public campaigns, and generally helping raise awareness.

I dare say we’ll have the occasional office cake-baking session to raise money, and I’m already enlisting CTN’s cyclists to take part in this year’s Nightrider events (London June 4/5, Bristol 25/26).

In summary, we’re thrilled, and privileged, to be working alongside such a fantastic organisation.