Our new project in Kenya will help those seeking employment to work their way out of poverty for good.

You may remember the overwhelming success of our Ready, Willing and Able appeal earlier this year. Stories of the disabled people we work with moved individual supporters, celebrities, companies and trusts. And in just three months, Motivation had raised an incredible £253,000 against a target of £165,000. What’s more, the UK Government matched every donation we received pound for pound.

Now, the money raised through this appeal is funding an impressive new project in Kenya, helping those seeking employment to work their way out of poverty for good.

Supporting disabled people like Francis

During our Ready, Willing and Able appeal, we shared the story of Francis – a Kenyan carpenter who fell and broke his back.

His life changed in a second; he was left dependent on those around him and unsure of how to keep himself healthy. Without his independence or control of his bladder, his confidence ebbed away and he was left isolated and depressed. Unable to work, he sank further and further into poverty.

But when he met staff from Motivation, things started looking up. He received a wheelchair that enabled him to move around with ease, even in the rough terrain of his local community. And he was given training on self-esteem, rights, health management, mobility and job skills.

Today, Francis is back in his workshop with his independence and confidence intact. His carpentry business is so successful he has hired two employees to work alongside him.

Our Ready, Willing and Able project

Francis’ tale is an inspiring one with a happy ending. But he is just one of the thousands of people who could benefit from our services.

In countries like Kenya, stigma and discrimination against disabled people remain rife. Accessibility is limited and finding employment is often a major challenge. Without a job, disabled people are unable to pay for vital healthcare, support their families or contribute to society. In fact, 80% of disabled people in the developing world live in poverty. For many, this never-ending cycle reinforces negative attitudes towards them in their communities.

We know from experience that disabled people in the developing world are ready for change. We know they are willing to play a full and active role in their societies and, with the right support and training, they are able to take back control of their lives. And that is what this project is all about.

Ready, Willing and Able aims to support over 250 wheelchair users in Kenya, ensuring they have suitable wheelchairs and helping them to find work so they can support themselves and challenge negative attitudes.

This project will provide essential week-long peer training courses. Delivered by wheelchair users for wheelchair users, they concentrate on health management, mobility, rights and self-esteem. This enables disabled people to better look after themselves, preventing dangerous pressure sores and bladder infections. It helps them to understand more about disability rights so they can defend themselves against negative attitudes.

This project will provide job skills training. This will equip disabled people with the practical knowledge and crucial confidence they need to pursue employment opportunities, ensuing they are on a level playing field with everyone else.

Finally, this project will work with businesses to challenge the discrimination that leads to the exclusion of disabled people in the workplace. This will include raising awareness of existing legislation around the employment of disabled people, highlighting the benefits of an inclusive workforce and making modifications to workplaces. 

Support Motivation

This ambitious project begins this month and will continue for two years. To support this and all of our other work throughout Africa and Asia, make a donation today.