"As a wheelchair user myself, I have seen the dramatic transformation that takes place through Peer Training. I feel privileged to be part of these programmes and have met some inspirational people" Lucy, Peer Training Coordinator

Friday 7th October

That’s right - our newly revised Motivation Peer Training (MPT) package is now bigger and better than ever! We know the profound difference this training can have on people’s lives, which is why we chose to develop this revised resource to meet the health, mobility and disability awareness needs of the wheelchair users we work with all over the world.

What is Peer Training?

Peer Training usually involves wheelchair users training other wheelchair users, with similar disabilities, in skills and knowledge that will enable them to carry out everyday activities and achieve an improved quality of life. This can include sessions on how to maintain their health, achieve independence through personal mobility and build a sense of confidence in the fact that they are equal members of society.

The history of Motivation’s Peer Training work

Upon first visiting the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) in Bangladesh twenty-five years ago, Motivation’s Co-Founders, David and Richard, realised that simply giving someone a wheelchair wasn’t enough. They soon understood that to have a marked and long-lasting impact on someone’s quality of life, it was crucial to also address the health, wellbeing and overall confidence of the wheelchair user.

Since 1994, Motivation has delivered a range of Peer Training activities ranging from one to one hospital and home visit sessions to 5-day training courses. To date, these Peer Training activities have had a huge impact on over 11,500 wheelchair users.

About the original Peer Group Training (PGT) package

Initially, our Peer Training started out as a largely informal level of support and did well to benefit many. However, we knew that in order for us to reach more people, it was important to scale up our efforts and develop a range of training resources so that trainers and participants alike could access the correct information.

In 2006, a workshop was held in Tanzania to develop Motivation’s first Peer Group Training (PGT) package. Representatives from Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia were invited to review the existing peer resources; this eventually led to the creation of our first package some three years later.

This PGT training package has since been used in a range of locations worldwide including: Malawi, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and the Solomon Islands. Today, there are over 100 people who have been trained as Peer Trainers, aiming to meet the growing need for Peer Training work.

The revised MPT package

Though our original Peer Group Training (PGT) package was met with positive acclaim, we have acted upon some constructive feedback from the field as to how we could make it even better.

And so, our revised Motivation Peer Training (MPT) package was born!

  • The new participant handbook summarises some of the key areas covered during the course.
  • We have made sure that the handbook is accessible and caters for a range of needs by using less text and clear illustrations.
  • The new MPT Trainer’s Guide includes some revised sessions as well as the addition of new topics such as HIV and AIDS and appropriate wheelchairs.

With this revised package, Motivation hopes to reach more disabled people who do not have access to rehabilitation services or who just haven’t met other positive wheelchair user role models. As a wheelchair user myself, I have seen the dramatic transformation that takes place through Peer Training. 

During my time with Motivation, I've had the privilege to meet some really inspirational people from all over the world who are willing to share their experiences and make positive changes in their lives as well as support others to become advocates for change in their own communities. Peer Training really does have the power to change people’s lives - it has certainly changed mine.

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