Congratulations Perry - you did it! 26.2 miles completed and a huge fundraising effort too. Thank you 

On Sunday 22nd April, friend of Motivation and first time marathon runner, Perry Littleboy took to the streets of the capital and completed all 26.2 miles of the hottest London marathon on record.

With temperatures reaching 24 degrees celcius, Perry not only completed the race without incident or suffering from the heat but he also raised a whopping £23,500 in the process. This is an incredible achievement and one that we are hugely grateful to Perry for.

Finishing in 5 hours and 36 minutes, this is the first ever race, let alone marathon, that Perry has completed. Prior to the many months of training Perry said in his own words:

I have never run for so much as a bus since I left school for him to run a marathon in support of Motivation means an awful lot!

After the race Perry said "I have always admired those who prepared for and ran a marathon. I have to admit to finding it much more difficult than I had imagined, since I had thought I had put in the hard graft in preparation. Indeed, it took an hour longer than I had hoped. But, whilst I didn’t, as so many of you had wished, enjoy the experience, I was awestruck. For 26.2 miles, the crowds were four deep on either side, shouting your name, whistling, clapping, beating drums, playing bagpipes, whilst you tread your path amongst thousands of runners, it seems all of them touched by some event, often I am sure tragic, that had inspired them to run a Marathon. And I hate crowds!! But it was absolutely incredible."

On the day Motivation was represented by Joanna Hall, who travelled up to London to support Perry and cheer him on alongside his wife Fiona.

"I managed to position myself at three locations on route, at mile 7 near the Cutty Sark, mile 17 on the Isle of Dogs and mile 24 under Blackfriars Bridge. I caught a glimpse of Perry twice and on each occasion he had his head down with a look of sheer determination. However hard it got I had the sense that nothing would stop him achieving his goal. He ran his own race and achieved more than many experienced runners on the course who dropped out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. He ran the perfect race and I am incredibly humbled by what he has accomplished." 

The funds that Perry has raised from friends, family and colleagues will enable us to achieve so much - to give you an idea a sum of this value equates to 165 of our Rough Terrain wheelchairs – that’s 165 more people whose lives could now be transformed thanks to the efforts of Perry.

Thank you Perry from everyone at Motivation, you are a superstar!

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