"My sports wheelchair is just brilliant – I can do everything!"

Meet Michael. He attends a mainstream school where he is the only child with a wheelchair. At eight years old, all he wanted was to be able to go faster! It was his first sports wheelchair that enabled him to speed up…

“I hated my old every day wheelchair,” Michael explained. “I loved going fast and wanted to go faster. I thought that if I practised in my normal chair, I’d get faster in the playground. But it never happened. I heard about sports wheelchairs and I would have liked one but they were too expensive…Then, Dad got me one from Motivation.”

At Motivation, we realise that few things in life have as much to offer as sport. And sadly, Michael’s case is not uncommon – the high cost of sports wheelchairs stops many people from taking part.

So, when we were asked to design a low-cost, high-quality wheelchair by the International Paralympic Committee, we jumped at the chance!  And have been selling our sports chairs all over the world ever since.

“As soon as I got it, we tested it on the street outside,” Michael continued. “It was the fastest I’d ever gone! But compared to what I do now, it wasn’t really that fast at all.

My sports wheelchair is just brilliant – I can do everything! I use it on the playground and PE at school is much easier.

“I started playing basketball with my school friends and then at the after school club. And since then, I have joined Warwickshire Bears wheelchair basketball club, and train every week!

“Having a sports wheelchair also showed me that wheelchairs don’t have to be slow and heavy. I didn’t know that before! So when the time came to change my every day chair, I wanted an active chair so I could be fast all the time – like I am in my sports chair.”

Changing lives

Michael’s dad told us,

“I like Motivation. Initially, it was the low cost of the sports chairs that caught my attention. As parents of a disabled kid, we struggle to afford items like sports wheelchairs that we know will maximise his abilities and experiences. Such items go way beyond what help you get from the NHS and you simply can’t afford to invest thousands of pounds into something you know he will outgrow in a few years.

“Motivation’s Multisport was something we could afford – it was the only way a sports chair was possible for Michael.

"Additionally, the goal of Motivation (in terms of supporting charitable work in the developing world from profits of sales here) makes perfect sense and is so worthwhile. Supplying chairs and changing lives in the developing world meant I was even happier to buy this chair from Motivation.

“What would I like to say… Mobility changes lives for the better. Motivation’s model empowers that change for individuals all across the world. Including my son! Thank you!”

Michael attended a basketball camp earlier this summer. His dad took this wonderful photograph for us, which we are proud to share with all of our Motivation friends.

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