Tune in to BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 10th December at 07.55 to hear Ade Adepitan make an appeal on behalf of Motivation!

We are thrilled to announce that wheelchair basketball star and paralympian, Ade Adepitan, has recorded a BBC Radio 4 appeal for Motivation, which will air on Sunday 10th December at 07.55.
Ade will introduce you to Francis, a young man living in Kenya who suffered a serious spinal cord injury when he fell from a roof while working as a carpenter. Ade will explain how Francis' fortunes turned around, and share his personal experience of being abandoned when his wheelchair was lost when travelling in Ghana. 
Please do tune in to the broadcast when if goes live on Sunday 10th December, but if you miss it you can listen again on Sunday 10th at 21.26 or again on Thursday 14th December at 15.27 (times are approximate and may vary by a minute of so depending on news on those days).

In the meantime you can listen to a short recording made by Ade when we met him at the BBC, explaining why he supports Motivation.

Meet Francis - the focus of our Radio 4 appeal
After his accident, Francis became isolated, trapped in his home unable to leave because he didn't have a suitable wheelchair for his environment. Reliant on his mother, after his wife deserted him, Francis began to feel worthless and a burden on those around him. Unable to work his self-esteem disappeared and without support or advice his health began to deteriorate. His untreated pressure sores began to smell, and without the right knowledge of how to manage his bladder and bowel, Francis simply hid himself away, ashamed of his condition.
"I never thought one day I will have a smile on my face" 

Fast forward to today, and Francis is a transformed man. His confidence and pride have been restored and his smile tells a very different story. After receiving a Motivation wheelchair Francis attended five days of peer training, where he met other wheelchair users who had been through similar experiences. Francis describes being overwhelmed to meet others like him, liberated as he no longer felt alone.   

The first day of the training I was scared to interact with other participants I had pressure sore which were smelling and incontinence too, but by the end of the third day I was a transformed person. I was able to interact with other participants who were wheelchair users too.

Not only has Francis been helping other wheelchair users by sharing his experiences but we recently met up with Francis and have learnt that he has re-opened his carpentry workshop and has employed two people to work with him.
By listening and donating to our BBC Radio 4 Appeal on Sunday 10th December you can help more people like Francis take back control of their lives...