Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal raised over £240,000, helping disabled people work their way out of poverty.

Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal has drawn to a close, raising over £240,000 that will change the lives of disabled people like Francis, Carol and Richard. What’s more, the money raised will be matched pound for pound by the UK Government.

This funding will provide the equipment needed to help disabled people regain their independence and unlock their potential. It will fund the training required to help disabled people rebuild their confidence, access employment and work their way out of poverty for good.

Here are just some of the positive stories you’ve heard from disabled people we’ve helped throughout our Ready, Willing and Able appeal.


Francis was working as a carpenter when he fell from a roof and was left paralysed. In that second, his independence, confidence and the life he knew was stripped from him.

His health deteriorated because he did not know how to manage his bladder or prevent pressure sores and, before long, he was relying on his wife for everything. Isolated from his friends and stuck in his home, he sank into depression.

When Francis felt desperate, Motivation was there. He received a suitable wheelchair and training that taught him how to use it, look after his health and understand his rights.

This has enabled him to re-join his community, return to work and share his experiences with other disabled people in similar situations to him.

Within just five days of the training I was a transformed person. The skills I learnt liberated me. I wish Motivation could train more people with spinal cord injuries because this training saved my life.


Carol was born with spina bifida and, while other people could see past it, her father could not accept her disability. He ran away from home when she was just a child, leaving her feeling isolated and alone.

But before long, her grandmother encouraged her to play wheelchair basketball and she soon met staff from Motivation.

Following their advice, she began to look after herself and keep healthy. Her self-esteem improved and she began to meet other disabled people. She also attended Motivation’s peer training, where she learnt extra wheelchair skills and more information about her rights.

Since then, Carol’s life has changed. She has the confidence to look to the future and realise her dreams.

I’d like to have my own beauty shop. I already have the skills to be a beautician and I would like the opportunity to run a business. I also want to give other disabled people hope – tell them they can live and do things they say they can’t do.


Richard was working at an engineering firm when he had an accident and broke his back. Following his injury, he found it difficult to accept he would not be able to return to work and support his children. His wife lost her small business and the family had to move to a smaller house in the slums.

But since receiving help from Motivation, Richard is feeling more positive about the future. He has learnt how to keep healthy and mobile, and feels less alone after attending Motivation’s peer training. He now has the confidence to ask his church to improve their disabled facilities, and has even trained as a psychologist.

My best days are ahead of me. I feel empowered. I am changing from a caterpillar and flying like a butterfly! I am living my life now that I have processed my pain and depression.

Thank you!

This appeal would not have been possible without the support of our generous Motivation friends. On behalf of our Motivation team, partners and beneficiaries - we really can't thank you enough.

Please watch this short clip from Richard below.

Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal has now finished. To support our wider work helping disabled people in the developing world keep healthy, active and mobile, click here.