"I believe that good design is all about improving people's quality of life" David Constantine, Motivation Co-Founder

Monday 21st November

Motivation is delighted to share that our Rough Terrain wheelchair will feature permanently as an exhibit in the newly relocated Design Museum in London. Officially opening its doors to the public on Thursday 24th November, the Design Museum is regarded by many as one of the world’s leading contemporary design and architecture museums and has long been an arena which has showcased the very best and brightest of innovation and design.

Our Rough Terrain wheelchair will sit within the Designer Maker User exhibition, a collection exploring 20th and 21st century modern designer’s take on these three connected elements.  A perfect setting for our most iconic wheelchair, as not only do we always consider the unique needs of each wheelchair user, we also take care to ensure that wheelchairs can be locally assembled, fitted and adjusted in-country.

Standing by our philosophy of providing the right wheelchair in the right way, for the last 25 years Motivation has been putting the individual at the heart of our wheelchair design.

The Rough Terrain is robust enough to withstand the often challenging environments found in developing countries. The simplicity of this design and decision to use three wheels instead of four has made all the difference as its extended chassis provides better stability for the wheelchair user.

However, a Motivation wheelchair stands for so much more than simply a vehicle to transport someone from A to B. We believe it has the power to both empower and instill confidence to help disabled people in developing countries to lead active, fulfilled and happy lives. Co-Founder David Constantine, also a Design Museum Trustee, provides his insight as to the importance of considered and effective design from the perspective of a wheelchair user:

I believe that good design is all about improving people’s quality of life. For me, thoughtful design and engineering has enabled me to travel, go to work and be independent. I think everyone should have that opportunity – no matter where they are in the world.

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