“It’s hard to communicate the sheer magnitude and scale of the need for support in India. Now more than ever, we must join together to ensure that disabled people are not left behind in the country.” David Constantine, Motivation Co-founder 

Wednesday 26th April 2017

Earlier this year, I took a trip to the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where I got the chance to live alongside some of the individuals who have benefited from Motivation's support. For me, what we do is all about getting people active and inspiring confidence. It’s always a moving experience for me to see our wheelchairs and training bringing people out of the shadows and into the forefront.

I was able to see the huge impact of Motivation’s work but was all too aware of the sheer scale and magnitude of the need for support in the country.  In India, it’s estimated that 1 million people are in need of a wheelchair. Now more than ever we must join together to ensure that disabled people are not left behind in the country.

Here's a snapshot of just some of the individuals that I had the pleasure of getting to know...

Photo 1

I had such a brilliant day spending time with sisters Jashmine (left) and Farhanaz (right). Their Motivation trikes enable them to make their own way to school independently and live their childhoods to the full. I met Jashmine at her school where I had the chance to interview her with her teacher who acted as translator. At the end of the interview, the tables were turned as young Jashmine had plenty of questions to ask me too.

Photo 2

Later on that day, I got to know Jashmine’s older sister Farhanaz. As we chatted over tea and biscuits in their home, I was struck by the love and support from their parents and know that both sisters have bright futures ahead of them.

Photo 3

Rishabh (right) and his mother Babita (left). Rishabh has cerebral palsy. Before receiving his Motivation Moti-Go supportive seat, Babita had to carry him around in her arms. Now he can sit up straight and is able to see the world around him.

Photo 4

Meeting Preeti (middle) was a particularly special day for me as she is in fact the 25,000th wheelchair recipient of our Rough Terrain wheelchair. Preeti, 24, lives with her family not so far from Varanasi. She sustained a spinal injury from falling from a roof and is now paralysed from the waist down. Currently training to be a teacher, Preeti is an inspiring and kind young woman that I know will go on to achieve great things.  

Photo 5

Depak’s Motivation Active wheelchair means he can get out and about and hang out with his friends just like any other teenager.

Photo 6          

This is Mohammed. His trike has made a huge difference to his life and has helped him to play an active role in his community again. It was brilliant to see so many of our tricycles in India. These hand-powered tricycles enable wheelchair users to travel longer distances.

Photo 7

Zarina (middle) and her 4 daughters live in a rural village. Her Motivation  tricycle means she is able to make the 6km round journey to the market independently allowing her to provide for her family.

Photo 8

I had an amazing chat with Zarina outside her family home. This was not your average interview as we were joined by some bleating goats throughout who were determined to graze on the microphone cables!

We need your support now more than ever...

At least one million people in India need a properly fitted wheelchair that can stand up to rough terrain. That's why Motivation is developing wheelchair services across India so that disabled people have access to wheelchairs that are properly fitted by trained clinicians and can live healthy and active lives.

But the need is great and ever growing - we still need your support. Support us and ensure we can continue to expand our efforts in the country and turn more lives around.

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