Monday 29th August 

Now, there’s nothing hugely unusual about taking part in a triathlon, right? A tried and tested endurance event, triathlons typically comprise of three different back-to-back events: a long distance run, swim and cycle. Choosing to challenge this existing model, two brave Londoners have decided to take on a unique triathlon like no other. Friends Doug and Patrick have come up with their very own self-organised triathlon that they are calling ‘Tri Untested’.

Hoping to raise an incredible £10,000 for Motivation, in just a couple of weeks the pair will travel to Rwanda and embark on an unprecedented set of disability events taking place over three consecutive days. Patrick explains:

We are doing this to raise support and funds for people living with disability in Africa. A place where living with a disability can all too often mean exclusion, extreme poverty and death from preventable complications. That is all the motivation and encouragement we need. Let’s get on with this.

Get on with what you might ask?

Day 1: The Wheelchair Marathon 

On day one, the duo will set out in Motivation Flying Start Racing wheelchairs to complete a marathon. So far, this particular challenge is proving to be the toughest and most gruelling of the three:

The most daunting of all the events, this is not only physically demanding on the upper body, the long hours in the chair cause extreme pain in the back and hamstring 

Day 2: The Blind Marathon 

The next day, Patrick and Doug will complete another marathon – except this time, on foot and at times blindfolded. Taking it in turns to either be blindfolded or to guide one another, this event poses an entirely different challenge to the first:

On top of the physical challenge of a marathon, running without use of sight requires unflinching concentration from the guide throughout, constant communication and complete trust from the guided partner

Day 3: The No-Leg Swim

Arguably the most treacherous of the three, on the final day the pair will swim across an open water lake, with each of their legs tied together and relying solely on the use of their arms:  

Swimming without the use of legs feel highly unnatural and is astonishingly exhausting. We will be followed by a support boat for safety reasons 

Powering through

Training up to five times a week, the dedicated pair have been putting themselves through their paces in preparation for the mammoth test ahead of them - but it hasn’t all be plain sailing. With training sessions beginning to take their toll, Patrick sustained a serious injury, which left him, for a time, reliant upon crutches to get around: 

The injury has been a nightmare and really took out a key three weeks (five weeks including where I wasn’t able to train properly). Odds were always going to be that one of us picked up an injury at some point. But I did struggle to accept it

Putting mind over matter, together they pull themselves through by remembering their reasons and motivation behind the event:

It does sound like a bit corny to an extent, but by linking the events to what we’re raising funds for it has really increased our personal connection with our causes. It has made us realise and see the relative struggle that others go through with their disabilities, but you wouldn’t know it from their end. They get on with things and they really are inspiring. A groin injury for a few weeks pales into comparison 

Take a look at Patrick & Doug's Training Video Diary:

When we are low we think about how it will feel out there and hopefully the significant amount we will raise for causes we genuinely really believe in…and the feeling of finishing!  

To follow Doug and Patrick’s journey to Rwanda, you can keep up to date by visiting their website: 

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