In May last year, the talented photographer Matthew Grayson travelled to Uganda. During his stay, Matt visited a number of Motivation's wheelchair services and projects and met some amazing individuals along the way. We are incredibly grateful to Matt for offering his services and taking the time out to share his personal insights and these incredible photos...

Monday 11th July

Four Days in Uganda - in Pictures

by Matt Grayson

Day one: Wheelchair fitting at Mulago National Referral Hospital Orthopaedic Workshop

Picture 1: A photograph of Jelaid, 9, receiving his new wheelchair. Jelaid has Cerebral Palsy. Here, his carers carefully practice transferring him into his new wheelchair. Jelaid is such a joyful young boy - I think this photograph captures his excitement.


Picture 2: Ben, 6, is carried by his brother Stuart. Ben has Cerebral Palsy; prior to receiving a wheelchair this was the only way he could get around. His Motivation wheelchair has given Ben and his family the opportunity to go out together into the community and enjoy everyday life.

Day Two: Case Study in Kampala

Picture 3: Susan with her son Kim, 9, and daugher Precious, 3. Susan is an extraordinary woman; she has had an incredibly difficult life, though despite many hardships she remains positive and strives to provide the very best for her family. (To get the full picture, you can read Susan's story in full here).


Day Three: Visit to a School in Mengo Town, Kampala


Photo 4: A photograph of Angela, 8, in her wheelchair at the school.


Photo 5: Afra, 15, plays chess with friends. Afra is from Kampala and has Spina Bifida. Now head girl of her school, she is an eloquent young woman with such optimism and strength.


Day Four: Visit to Primary School and a Parents Group in Kasese District.

Photo 6: Parents of children with disabilities have been given training by Motivation to start moneymaking enterprises. Here they are tending to a nursery tree-planting scheme. I like this photograph because all the parents in the group are active in this enterprise forging strong bonds of collaboration.

Photo 7: Parents and guardians also have income generating schemes they work on individually. Here Robert who has Cerebral Palsy helps his grandmother, Patricia, tend to their piglets.

Images © M. Grayson

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