"Motivation’s UK Aid Match appeal will help break down barriers and support disabled people to achieve, producing a more inclusive society and a stronger economy" (Penny Mordaunt, International Development Secretary)

Sunday 3rd December 2017

Motivation marks International Day of People with Disability with launch of UK Aid Match appeal ‘Ready, Willing and Able’

In celebration and recognition of the International Day of Peoples with Disability (IDPD) we are delighted to be launching a brand new appeal to help unlock the potential of disabled people, giving them a fair chance to work their way out of poverty.

Ready, Willing and Able aims to raise at least £165,000 to support over 250 wheelchair users in Kenya, helping them to regain their independence and self-esteem by getting them back into work so they can provide for themselves and their families.

People like Francis:

“My life was very difficult,” said Francis, a trained carpenter from Kenya who sustained a serious spinal cord injury after falling from a client’s roof. “I could not leave my home, I stopped working and my self-esteem was low. I hated people because I was feeling helpless; I depended on my wife who later deserted me, because I had become a burden to her. My life was a struggle.”

Francis’ story is not uncommon. Stigma and discrimination against disabled people living in poorer countries means that finding work is often a major challenge. It’s a never-ending cycle – without a job you can’t pay for your healthcare, support your family or contribute to the local economy, which only serves to reinforce negative attitudes towards you in the community.

Amanda Wilkinson CEO of Motivation explains why the charity is launching this new appeal:

We know that disabled people in the developing world are ready for change and are willing to play an active role in their society. With the public’s support, we can provide them with the tools and training they need to ensure they’re able to take back control of their own lives.  

The charity is urging people to support the appeal, which runs between 3rd December 2017 and 3rd March 2018 and is delighted to announce that all public donations made to Ready, Willing and Able will be doubled by the UK Government – meaning that donations can go twice as far.

By launching the new appeal on 3rd December, Motivation wants to highlight that only by recognising the potential of disabled people and helping them to enter the workforce can we start to produce more inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies – the theme for this year’s IDPD.  

It’s also a reminder that in order to fulfil the commitment to ‘leave no one behind’ and realise the global Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, NGOs, governments and funders must come together to reach those who are already furthest behind and marginalised by society such as migrants, refugees, older people and those with disabilities.

International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt has given her support to the appeal and said:

To help the world’s most vulnerable live with dignity, we are working with organisations like Motivation, to empower disabled people and give them the tools to be independent. Fears of stigma, poor information and negative attitudes in society isolate disabled people and restrict them from reaching their full potential. Motivation’s UK Aid Match appeal will help break down these barriers and support disabled people to achieve, producing a more inclusive society and a stronger economy.

Our aim is to help more people like Francis break the cycle of poverty by informing them of their basic rights and how to stand up for them. At the same time the charity will provide job-skills training so that disabled people are able to re-enter the workforce or earn a living for the first time, and will work with families, communities and businesses to challenge the discrimination that leads to the exclusion of disabled people in society and in the workplace. 

Motivation's Co-Founder David Constantine explains why the charity is taking this approach:

Our experience has shown that the combined approach of peer training, the provision of job skills and awareness-raising will result in an increase in confidence where disabled people can re-evaluate their options for the future. More confident of their rights, and armed with the right practical knowledge and skills, disabled people are empowered to pursue employment opportunities of their choice, which in turn will enable them to start lifting themselves out of poverty.

“Within just five days of the training I was a transformed person,” continued Francis. “The skills I learnt liberated me. I wish Motivation could train more people with spinal cord injuries, because this training saved my life.”

The appeal will run from 3rd December 2017 – 3rd March 2018 and donations can be made via the appeal page from 3rd December.

Appeal update

Our Ready, Willing and Able appeal finished on the 3rd March 2018 and raised over £240,000. This funding will be doubled by the UK Government.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated, making this appeal an incredible success.

You can still make a donation to Motivation. Your gift will be spent wherever it will have the greatest impact across our projects.