Join hundreds in Bristol taking part in the 10k Business Challenge in May and compete with teams from other Bristol businesses. 

Who can take part?

  • Small, Medium and Large businesses
  • Male, female or mixed teams (Mixed teams must be minimum of 2 male / 2 female)
  • Minimum of 4 people per team and maximum of 8 people per team (you can enter as many teams as you wish)
  • Team members must be 16 years of age or over on event day

Your team and business can help support disabled children and adults like Jashmeen and Farhanaj?

These two sisters from Uttar Pradesh, India were born with under-developed lower limbs, and without appropriate wheelchairs, they have been completely dependent on their family members to get around. Life was a struggle for the girls’ parents too, as they either had to carry Jashmeen and Farhanaj to school, or take them individually on back of a bicycle.

Now, with their Motivation tricycles Jashmeen and Farhanaj are independent, confident and able to go about their lives just like other children their age. Crucially, they have been able  to continue their education now that the trip to school is trouble-free.

“My life has changed with this tricycle – so many things have come with this tricycle!” Jashmeen