Jereld, Uganda

With the help of his Moti Go wheelchair, Jereld can get outside and see the sun.Read more

Catherine, Kenya

Spending time with other wheelchair users helped Catherine to restore her confidence, enabling her to live an independent life.Read more

Mariam and John, Uganda

Motivation training taught John not to fear Mariam and he decided to keep her - for good.Read more

Vinay, India

Today, Vinay lives with friends and is successful in his job. But he's had challenges to overcome along the way...Read more

Shamimu, Tanzania

Shamimu's story demonstrates the power of peer training. Today, she is looking forward to a brighter future with her family.Read more

Mercy, Kenya

After receiving support from Motivation, Mercy has had the confidence to join the national Paralympic powerlifting team.Read more

Jashmine and Farhanaj, India

Before, the girls' parents had to carry them to school on their backs. But with their Motivation trikes, they are independent.Read more

Susan and Kim, Uganda

After attending training, Susan has the skills and knowledge she needs to fight for Kim's rights and help him live independently.Read more

Halima, Tanzania

Halima's wheelchair has given her independence - and the opportunity to go to school and make new friends.Read more

Arthur, Uganda

Now that Arthur can access school, he is working hard so he can go to university and become an engineer.Read more