Jasmeen and Farhanaj, India

“My life has changed with this tricycle – so many things have come with this tricycle!"Read more

Preeti, India

"I have made the journey from fear and tears, to sitting confidently in a wheelchair."Read more

Amanthi, India

"She has developed socially with use of the chair, before she was much more isolated."Read more

Sangeeta, India

“The doctors told me that I would never be able to sit up – I took their challenge!”Read more

Deo, Tanzania

"The training opened our minds - we feel good about our son!"Read more

Hari, Nepal

"I can move again...without this wheelchair, I would not have survived"Read more

Shamimu, Tanzania

"Peer trainers helped me to not feel alone. We support one another. It helps a lot."Read more

Lakshma, India

"The trike is much more comfortable than my old wheelchair, I used to get pains in my arms but I have had none with this trike"Read more

Etta, Malawi

"The wheelchair has brought huge change in terms of attendance to church activities and social meetings with relatives"Read more

Moses, Uganda

"When I was a soldier, people liked me. As I'm now using a wheelchair, people still like me as before"Read more