Porimol, Bangladesh

We first met Porimol in 1999 when he was just nine years old. In 2016, we caught up to see how his life had changed.Read more

Diana, Zimbabwe

Diana was 22 when she lost her leg to a landmine. But today, she is able to support her family again.Read more

Gevinah and Masika, Uganda

Masika's wheelchair didn't only give her freedom - it also changed the lives of her entire family.Read more

Susan and Kim, Uganda

After attending training, Susan has the skills and knowledge she needs to fight for Kim's rights and help him live independently.Read more

Harrison, Kenya

After five days of training and with a new Rough Terrain wheelchair, Harrison is ready for the future...Read more

Hari, Nepal

Hari's wheelchair means he can vote again, and have a say in the future of his country.Read more

Jereld, Uganda

With the help of his Moti Go wheelchair, Jereld can get outside and see the sun.Read more

Deo, Tanzania

Motivation training helped Deo's parents understand his condition and stand up for his rights.Read more

Lucy and Waldah, Uganda

Parent carer training taught Lucy that Waldah's disability is not her fault.Read more

Subbaraydu, India

After receiving his Motivation wheelchair, Subbaraydu is ready to rise to the challenge of his disability.Read more