Moses, Uganda

Although he had to adjust to life without his family, Moses found the strength to regain independence and lead an active life.Read more

Jereld, Uganda

With the help of his Moti Go wheelchair, Jereld can get outside and see the sun.Read more

Lucy and Waldah, Uganda

Parent Carer training taught Lucy that Waldah's disability is not her fault.Read more

Ankita, India

Ankita dreams of working with other disabled people, helping them to access education.Read more

Patuma, Malawi

With support from Motivation peer trainer Bentot, Patuma learnt that people with disabilities have rights too.Read more

Debra and Charles, Uganda

Charles is ready to face the future and able to provide for his daughter Debra.Read more

Kanagasundram, Sri Lanka

With his new wheelchair, Kanagasundram is returning to farming.Read more

Hari, Nepal

Hari's wheelchair means he can vote again, and have a say in the future of his country.Read more

Subbaraydu, India

After receiving his Motivation wheelchair, Subbaraydu is ready to rise to the challenge of his disability.Read more

Deo, Tanzania

Motivation Training helped Deo's parents understand his condition and stand up for his rights.Read more