Nelly, Kenya

Nelly's confidence has grown and she is ready to travel the world...Read more

Harrison, Kenya

After five days of training, Harrison is ready for the future...Read more

Mercy, Kenya

Mercy is ready, willing and able to push for change...Read more

Catherine, Kenya

Catherine is ready, willing and able to help others now...Read more

Francis, Kenya

Francis was ready, willing and able to take back control of his life...Read more

Salome, Kenya

Salome is confident, fiercely independent and loves her job...Read more

Preeti, India

"I have made the journey from fear and tears, to sitting confidently in a wheelchair."Read more

Joel, Tanzania

"This training has completely changed my negative perception...I understand my rights [and], in spite of my disability I have a goal to accomplish in my life"Read more

Jasmeen and Farhanaj, India

“My life has changed with this tricycle – so many things have come with this tricycle!"Read more

Mithusa, Sri Lanka

Meet Mithusa from Sri Lanka. Aged six, she has Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy.Read more