Joel, Kenya

Joel worked as a driver until, one day in 2015, he fell from a height and sustained a life-changing spinal cord injury. Read more

Gift and Tamanda, Malawi

Gift and his mother, Tamanda, joined a Motivation parent carer training course. Together they've learnt new skills and knowledge that's changing their lives. Read more

Susan and Kim, Uganda

After attending Motivation training, Susan feels confident that her son Kim will grow up to be an independent adult. Read more

Amir, India

When Amir was a child, the thought of finding employment was just a dream... Today, he is proud to have two jobs. Read more

Iqbal, India

Iqbal will never forget the day his life changed forever. He was riding his bike when he had a high impact crash with an SUV. When he woke up in hospital, he knew something wasn’t the same. Read more

Harrison, Kenya

After five days of training and with a new Rough Terrain wheelchair, Harrison is ready for the future... Read more

Amit, India

Amit is eager to finish his education so he can get the job of his dreams. Read more

Hope and John, Uganda

Hope's father John was worried about her future. But with Motivation's support, they are looking ahead with confidence. Read more

Jereld, Uganda

With the help of his Moti Go wheelchair, Jereld can get outside and see the sun. Read more

Shree, India

Not only does Shree use sewing to earn her own income - she teaches other women how to sew so they can make a living too. Read more