An active-style wheelchair for urban and semi-rural living

Kanagasundram was working on his farm when he fell from a tree and broke his back, leaving him paralysed.

Like most of the people in his small village, he had always relied on physical labour to earn an income. When he wasn’t farming, he was travelling to the local market by bus so he could sell his produce.

He knew that his injury would have a devastating impact on his ability to provide for his family, so he began to feel depressed and hopeless about the future.

But before long, Kanagasundram received his Active Folding wheelchair.

It has a quick-release mechanism that allows him to remove the back wheels and fold the chair up, so he can use the bus to get to market. His life has become much more active and he is busy once again, rearing cattle.

Confidence and mobility restored, Kanagasundram has started growing vegetables as well as farming; he is determined to produce crops for his family so he can provide for them once more.

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 Photo © Matt Grayson