An adjustable, active style wheelchair designed for urban and semi rural living...

Three years ago Thangavel Kanagasundram fell from a tree and broke his back. As a farmer living in a rural area of Sri Lanka with two young children to look after, Thangavel knew that his injury would impact severely on his ability to provide for his family. Following his medical treatment, and after being discharged from hospital, Thangavel became disappointed and hopeless.

Like the majority of people in his village in Sri Lanka, Thangavel was a hard working farmer, reliant on using the local bus to get to and from the nearest town to access the market to sell produce and carry out daily chores.

After his accident he was referred for physiotherapy and attended Motivation’s Peer Group Training at Vaikarai Rehabilitation centre in Vavuniya, and received an Active Folding wheelchair.

One of the key benefits of this wheelchair is that the rear wheels are removable with a quick release mechanism, and the whole chair folds down, which means Thangavel can easily get on and off the bus with his fellow passengers.

Thangavel is now much more active, and is once again busy farming, rearing cattle and poultry. His wheelchair has given him the mobility he needs around his farm, and can be easily folded when he needs to use public transport to get into town, while the Peer Group Training has helped him to be independent and perform his daily tasks. Undeterred Thangavel gets on with his life, and has also started home gardening in order to produce vegetables for his family from his own garden, and is full of smiles once again.

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