Highly adjustable and versatile for an active lifestyle in urban and semi-rural areas

Highly adjustable and versatile for an active lifestyle in urban and semi-rural areas

Motivation’s Active Folding wheelchair is perfect for anyone in urban and semi-rural environments needing improved mobility.

Highly adjustable and versatile, it suits users with a range of mobility impairments who want to live an active lifestyle.

The large rear wheels facilitate efficient self-propelling or easy pushing and can be used in safe or active positions. Medium-sized castor wheels allow the user to manoeuvre over uneven terrain while the extra thick inner tubes reduce risk of punctures. 

This wheelchair’s simple folding mechanism allows for storage in small places and easy transportation.

Comfort and postural support is offered by tension adjustable fabric seat upholstery. A pressure-relief cushion is included to assist in prevention on pressure sores, and can also be adjusted to fit the user.

As with all Motivation everyday wheelchairs, the Active Folding is adjustable to provide a customised fit: seat depth, footrest height and angle, backrest height and angle can all be adapted to suit the user.

Designed with Motivation’s expert technicians, the Active Folding wheelchair is durable for at least five years of service during normal use, providing it is appropriately maintained.



Key features

Width adjustable folding chassis

Durable components

26" penumatic rear wheels with push rims

Height and angle adjustable footplates

Tension adjustable seat and backrest

Water resistant fabric nylon upholstery

Safe or active rear wheel position

Comes with pressure relieving cushion

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