A stylish lightweight wheelchair for dynamic urban living...

A new offering from Motivation, which aims to give people living in urban areas maximium mobility and manoeuvrability. The Active Rigid wheelchair is one of our newest mobility products, and is only recently off the production line.

It was designed to offer all the customisation expected of a Motivation wheelchair, but with the additional benefit of being exceptionally light and strong because it is made from aluminium. 

The backrest folds down, and the wheels and castors have quick release mechanisms, which mean that the chair can be easily lifted in and out of a vehicle. It provides full independence particularly for people living in towns and built up areas.  

We expect to see this new chair used a great deal in India, where our overseas staff and partners have told us how valuable this type of wheelchair will be in helping to improve the quality of life of people, who are keen to remain fully mobile and independent.

Learn more about the Active Rigid wheelchair here. You can call us on 01179 660 398 or contact us below to talk to a member of the team for advice.

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