During the day, Agatha makes and sells greeting cards, which helps her to earn a living. But she hasn’t always been as independent as she’d like…

Agatha lives in Chennai – a cultural and economic hub in southern India. Agatha has Polio. When she was born, her parents left her in a dustbin, but luckily she was found and taken in by a nearby a convent. She has lived in shelters ever since.

I live with my friends in a night shelter. We are a group of women with disabilities and we stay and work together.

Agatha never had her own wheelchair. She used one in the hostel sometimes, but it didn’t fit and was very difficult to move. So, she’d have to crawl to get around indoors and was totally dependent on her carers and the kindness of passers-by. Going out was almost impossible and Agatha often felt like she was a burden.

It was embarrassing and caused low self-esteem. I was not able to participate in social activities.

Then Agatha received her Motivation wheelchair, and things started looking up.

Once I received my wheelchair along with training, it changed my life. Now I can do most of my daily living activities without being dependent on others. I am so confident and excited to attend all functions with my friends.

For Agatha this is not just a wheelchair – it is freedom. She can go wherever she pleases, her confidence has improved, and she is able to participate in her community. What’s more, Agatha has now decided she wants to dedicate her life to helping those who are less fortunate:

I want to support poor and disabled women in future. I want to dedicate my whole life in serving needy people.

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