Akmal's active wheelchair has enabled him to build an active, fulfilling life.

Muhammad Akmal is 21 years old and was born in Swabi, Pakistan. He contacted us on Facebook to share his story, after receiving a Motivation wheelchair through one of our partners:

When I was six years old, I was playing in my courtyard when aerial fire hit me in the back and caused incomplete spinal cord injury. My parents took me to hospital and my back was operated on five times in two months, but the injury paralyzed me for my lifetime. Previously I could walk by myself, but now I couldn’t move even from one place to other.

When I started using my Motivation wheelchair, it was not easy for me as a spinal cord patient. But with time, I got trained and continued my life with it. After that my life is completely changed with this wheelchair. I’m completely independent and start my education and work in disability sector. [I've been] working with many organizations, participating in different events, conferences and tours. 

In 2014, I participated as a wheelchair racer in para-athletics games in Pakistan with players from all over the country. I won a gold medal in the 400 meter wheelchair race. I further participated in a few other games like wheelchair cricket and badminton. 

I have also worked as a volunteer with many organisations and organised different events. My passion is photography, and I have covered many events such as cultural nights, wedding shoots and sports festivals.

In 2018, I went to Lahore for a Young Leaders Conference. There were 350 participants from different cities and I was the only wheelchair user among them. This conference made me grow my skills and learn leadership qualities. It was a life changing experience.

In 2019, I came to the Association for Rehabilitation of the Physically Disabled (ARPD) for a job as teacher in an inclusive school. Now I am working as a Media Coordinator at ARPD Peshawar and also doing video editing, wedding shoots, documentary making, story recording and much more. I am an independent person and earning my living with dignity. I have set an example for society that people with physical disabilities are not disabled, they are actually able. I have shown the world that physically disabled people can do many things and proved that nothing is impossible.

I believe that your happiness and success lies in you. Make yourself unique among people with abilities by doing work hard. You just need to have strength and faith in yourself.

Thank you Motivation for providing us active wheelchairs!