Our All-Stars project will provide sports sessions with specialist coaches like Monica. She explains how her work is transforming the lives of disabled children.

I started working with Motivation in Uganda as a sports coach in 2011. I have learnt a lot of skills, knowledge and how to deal with a range of different children.

My favourite thing about it is seeing children playing together whether they have disabilities or not. It is truly joyful to see all children playing together with their friends.

Disabled children often feel lonely and say “no one can play with me because I am different” so these games truly help to change their lives. And the non-disabled children can be so good at helping those with disabilities.

For the rest of my life, I always want to be a sports coach to help disabled children and non-disabled children play together.

It is helping disabled children to get exposure, get confidence and be included. Seeing the impact of sports on disabled children is truly very encouraging for me.

Overall, I am very proud when I see disabled children playing sports anywhere. I am proud to see their ability and proud to witness what they are doing. I am proud of the help I have given.

Our All-Stars project launches this summer. It will help more disabled children to have a chance to work with sports coaches and transform their lives through sports and play, levelling the playing field for at least 270 disabled children in Uganda.

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Photos © Matt Grayson

The All-Stars Appeal will be funded with UK Aid from the UK government.