Nyandier's story is one of hope - but sadly it isn't typical for other disabled children in Uganda.

Nyandier was 13 years old when she got her first wheelchair. Before, she had no choice but to crawl around her home. 

She was unable to leave her house and relied on her sister for everything. Like any girl of her age, Nyandier craved independence. And she had the simplest dream: she wanted a chance to go to school.

Before I had my wheelchair, I had no confidence because I couldn’t do anything for myself.

When she was finally given a wheelchair, her dream came true and she enrolled at primary school. She finally had a chance to learn and to join in activities with other children. The best thing about school for Nyandier? She discovered the joy of sport.

Playing sports with the other children has changed my life. I feel the same as everyone else when I play. Playing sports makes me confident and helps me make friends with the other children in my class.

My favourite sport to play is netball because I don’t need to use my feet – I can just use my hands more. I love being on the netball team! 

School has allowed Nyandier to feel included alongside her classmates and gain confidence on the netball court. But it's also given her a sense of belonging, achievement and empowerment. It's helped her to believe that she has a future as an independent adult.

I have three years left at school and I hope to play netball for all of that time. I want to advance and get even better.

I have the confidence that when I leave, maybe I could be a doctor. A medical doctor. They help people and earn good money.

Nyandier's story is one of hope - but sadly it isn't typical for other disabled children from her community. In fact, 91% of disabled children in Uganda do not go to school.

Motivation’s All-Stars Project will use sport and play to break the stigma around disability so more children like Nyandier can be included in school.

Our All-Stars project launches this summer. It will help more disabled children to have a chance to work with sports coaches and transform their lives through sports and play, levelling the playing field for at least 270 disabled children in Uganda.

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Photos © Matt Grayson

The All-Stars Appeal will be funded with UK Aid from the UK government.