Amanthi is eight years old and lives in the eastern state of Andra Pradesh in India. When she was just a few months old, Amanthi’s parents, worried about their daughter’s development, took her to the hospital in search of answers. It was then that they first learned that she had Cerebral Palsy. Though this condition cannot be cured, her parents wanted to explore other options. Amanthi’s mother told us:

There were local healers but they were no use at all. The friends and neighbours felt shy to discuss the problem. Some said that we must have sinned to have a child with a disability.

Though initially Amanthi’s disability was met with negative attitudes, today it’s a different story. Her specially fitted supportive Moti-Go wheelchair means that Amanthi can now see the world around her. Her mother continues:

She has developed socially with use of the chair, before she was much more isolated. The chair is very good for posture and for her to see what is going on.

Before we met, Amanthi used to have to be carried around by her parents and was unable to go to school. Though thankfully, these days are now a thing of the past. Her new found mobility and independence enabled Amanthi to enrol in the local school – which she loves! Exercising her right to an education, Amanthi is now thriving and her future is looking bright. Her Moti-Go wheelchair means she can now make the 1km journey to school each day – sometimes with the help of her new friends.

Amanthi’s education is very important; she enjoys it and is very proud of her school. The inclusion is vital - children come around to the house as well as at school. There is much more contact with other people.

Parallel lives...

Since receiving her Moti-Go wheelchair, Amanthi has come a long way - and her daily 1km journey to school is just the beginning of her life journey. 

Could you walk, push or run 1km to make sure that children like Amanthi get the best start in life?

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