"When I go anywhere, people tell me how good my tricycle looks! It makes me feel good when people admire it."

Amir is proud to work, be independent and play a role in his community. But life has not always been easy and, as a child, the thought of finding employment was nothing more than a dream…

When Amir was just five years old, he contracted a fever that left him paralysed. Everything changed almost overnight, and he lost his ability to communicate, move around his home and play with his friends. It was a frightening experience for the whole family and his parents were worried about his future.

Where the family live in India, discrimination towards people with disabilities remains rife. People like Amir face many challenges when accessing education and finding employment so they can support themselves. But his parents were determined that he would be included in society and the workplace, and lead a fulfilled and independent life. So when he recovered enough movement and speech to attend school, they enrolled him straight away.

Amir attended his first class when he was 15 years old. His confidence and determination grew and after eight years, he completed his education. It was then that he first met Motivation and received a tricycle that enables him to travel long distances. Today, he is very proud to use it to get to his two jobs!

“At present, I work on several committees that help people with access to pensions… I go to and from the office which is about 40 kilometres,” he told us. “I also work in my brother’s shop.”

The shop sells home wares and chai tea sourced from the local market, and Amir was eager to explain that he couldn’t do his job without his trike.

Whenever there is something needed for the store, I am the one who goes to the market. I could not do it without my trike.

Amir’s Motivation trike has given him freedom and new opportunities. He is now focusing on the future and has told us that he would like to open a business of his own or work for a service that helps other people access life-changing wheelchairs and trikes.

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