Amit is eager to finish school and go to university, so he can get the job of his dreams...

Amit* is seventeen years old, and lives with his parents and two sisters in Delhi. Three years ago, he lost the use of his legs after contracting a rare autoimmune disease.

“I do not know much about the illlness,” he told us. “The doctor told me I had some kind of injury. When I first got to hospital I was still able to walk. I went to sleep and when I woke up, I was unable to feel myself.”

When Amit left hospital, the wheelchair he was given was broken. It was poorly-fitted, leaving him susceptible to life-threatening pressure sores and unable to get around on his own. His independence had been stripped from him overnight, and his confidence was knocked. Although it was a shock, his family were supportive;  they helped him to keep as mobile as possible and ensured he could stay in education.

"Before my illness, my goals were not clear and I was not good at studying," Amit explained. "My illness made a big change in me; I realised studying was going to help me."

I realised I am physically weak and if I want to be something, I have to be mentally strong.

Education became incredibly important to Amit. For two years, his parents had to take him to and from school so he could study. But his life was transformed when the hospital called and offered him a Motivation wheelchair. He was assessed and measured, and had his new wheelchair two days later.

Amit’s Motivation wheelchair was comfortable and easy to use. His pressure-relieving cushion prevented him from developing dangerous sores and the design suited the rough terrain of his community. His commute to school was a lot easier than it had been before.

This Motivation wheelchair is really good for me. It has four wheels which makes it easy to take on roads that are not well made. It is helping me to finish my education – it was very tough without it.

Before long, his condition started to improve. He has limited feeling back in his legs and is able to walk nine to ten steps with a walking frame. He still uses his wheelchair when travelling during the day but does exercises to strengthen his legs in the evenings. With his self-esteem growing, Amit is looking to the future.

"I have recently decided to become a civil servant," Amit says. "I don’t know what department I will go into yet as I am focussing on finishing school first. Once I finish, I’ll go to university. I would like to go to Delhi university if I can, but I could go anywhere – my marks will decide."

In the developing world, there are thousands of disabled people like Amit who could benefit from Motivation’s support.

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 *Amit's name has been changed to protect his privacy.