"My dream is to work with people with disabilities who are trying to gain an education."

Ankita is 21 years old and lives with her family in Andhra Pradesh. She recently graduated from university with a degree in Political Science and Social work, and is now studying for an Indian Administration Service (IAS) entrance exam.

As a child, Ankita contracted polio that started as a fever and very quickly led to paralysis. Although this made her childhood difficult, she remained strong and determined. Her family were shocked and upset by her disability but they made sure she could access school and get the education she wanted.

Travelling by train is difficult – especially the space between the platform and the carriage.

“I have never used a wheelchair in the house as I can manage indoors,” she explained. “ But moving around outside is difficult, so I used to travel to class by rickshaw. I'd go anywhere further than that on the back of a bike.”

I was very pleased to receive an award for the best pupil on the course.

A few years ago, Ankita became interested in improving her mobility, and joined a local group for disabled people. Shortly afterwards, she received an award for good performance and decided to apply for a brand new Motivation wheelchair.

“I’ve had my Motivation wheelchair for around a year and a half now. I use it for tutoring students in their homes or visiting friends and family nearby.”

Ankita has also become a member of the Disabled people Organisation (DPO) since then, and has helped to set up a group called Bright Future. They meet once a month and work to improve disability rights in India.

I want to work with people with disabilities who are trying to gain an education.

“I think Indian society is very understanding and respectful to those with disabilities but accessibility problems do remain. There are groups that help by visiting people’s homes and ensuring they can access education in some way – free tuition or training through the government. My dream is to be an IAS official - I want to work with people with disabilities who are trying to gain an education.”

Ankita's Motivation wheelchair is helping her live life to the full. You can help others like her by donating today and providing more wheelchairs all over the developing world.