Disabled people are entitled to have the equipment and support they want in order to live their best lives. 

What if that right was a reality for every person, regardless of their disability or where they live? 

This vision guides everything that we do. We set new standards in wheelchair design and provision and find innovative, practical solutions to problems that stop that vision becoming a reality. 

We put people at the heart of the design, considering how their aspirations, physical needs, lifestyle and how and where they live. 

And through this work, hundreds of thousands more disabled people are living independent, healthy and fulfilled lives. 

Will you be part of our future? 

The Framing the Future Fund will drive innovations to help make that vision a reality for all. 

We hope to raise enough investment in its first year to accelerate our research and development work, so that wheelchair users can have the very best of wheelchair innovation and technology. 

Learn more here by downloading the Framing the Future Fund brochure