Harrison was nineteen when he was paralysed in a car accident. After six months in hospital, he was discharged with a wheelchair that did not fit him.

Harrison was only able to use his wheelchair for an hour before it became painful. He was unable to move around alone, attend his catering course at college, or care for his baby son. Isolated from his friends and completely reliant on his wife, he soon became depressed.

I was in darkness. I was staying in bed the whole day… There were times I thought of ending my life because I was so alone.

But life changed forever when Harrison met Nancy from Motivation. He was properly assessed and fitted for a Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchair and taught how to use it effectively. He said his life changed after that first day, and just one week later he was more independent, and even using public transport alone.

With his mobility, confidence and independence restored, Harrison is concentrating on his future.

"I would like to say that I am very thankful to Motivation and the people who support them," he told us. "They changed my life."

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