Coronavirus is threatening the lives and futures of disabled people in developing countries. Help them survive COVID-19 and recover from its lasting impact.

Urgent action is needed now for disabled people in developing countries.

Please help us support the world's most vulnerable people to survive the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and recover from its lasting impact.

In the face of any crisis, disabled people always face the greatest threat. It is no different during this COVID-19 pandemic. Many people we work with are in real danger - at greater risk of infection and the long-lasting financial impacts of lockdown.


Our teams in Africa and India have called more than 400 disabled people to understand what they need right now. Many are relieved to even get a phone call - they tell us that they feel abandoned by relief efforts of their governments and other agencies.

Can you help them to access life-saving health supplies, food and support?

Gertrude in Kenya told us why she's scared: 

I had to close down my business so I cannot afford to pay my rent, to feed my child and to buy the catheters I need. I am reduced to being a beggar. I feel so isolated and I am fearful that getting wet will give me pressure sores. I fear I will be evicted from the house.

Water pumps and handwashing facilities aren't wheelchair accessible. Aid packages don't include the urinary and sanitary products they need to avoid daily pain, indignity and life-threatening infections. Reliable information about coronavirus and disability is not available. Reliance on carers makes social distancing impossible. Lack of access to healthcare slows down rehabilitation.

It’s hard to hear their desperation and their fears for the future.

You can help us take action now. Together we will give the poorest disabled people their best chance to survive the effects of the pandemic – and to recover from its impact in the long term.

A group of Motivation’s friends have already pledged to help us get started. You can join them and help us continue our work. 

Please donate today so we can reach disabled people. They have never needed you more.

This appeal represents our work to enable greater independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries. We depend on your donations for all our work and we use funds wherever our support is needed most.