When Kenya locked down due to COVID-19, people waiting for appropriate wheelchairs were left in limbo. With your help this Christmas, they can look forward to a more mobile and independent festive season next year.

Silvia, pictured below in her inappropriate wheelchair, used to love Christmas celebrations until a traffic accident left her with a spinal cord injury. Now, she's stuck in an old. heavy wheelchair that makes it hard to get around. She's always left alone at home while everyone else gathers together over the festive season. 

Can you donate today and help disabled people in Kenya like Silvia enjoy Christmas again? All donations up to a total of £10,000 will be matched by a generous Motivation supporter. 

Silvia is on a waiting list to receive a wheelchair that fits her and is easy to propel, But, when COVID-19 struck earlier this year, Kenya quickly implemented a strict lockdown. Wheelchair services across the country were halted. Hundreds of people like Silvia were left using inappropriate wheelchairs. In many cases, they have been stuck with no wheelchair at all. 


Will you give a donation this Christmas to help kick-start wheelchair provision in Kenya, and ensure that by next Christmas Silvia can enjoy the festivities with her family?

Donations to our Christmas Appeal will be used to help fund wheelchair services in Kenya. Once we have reached the level of funding required for the project any additional funds will be used wherever the need is greatest, to enable independence and opportunity for disabled people in developing countries.