"I want to read books and go to university. I want to be an engineer."

At fifteen years old, Arthur is ambitious. He reads a lot, works hard, and wants nothing more than to go to university so he can become an engineer. But he has not always felt so positive about his future.

When Arthur was a toddler, he contracted cerebral malaria. He was severely ill for two months and, when it passed, he was left with cerebral palsy. His parents knew little about the condition and, as he lost nearly all the movement in his legs, they found it very difficult to care for him correctly. Without mobility, he was often left in bed.

I did not go to school, which made me feel sad.

Arthur wanted to be independent like the other children. He wanted to learn, make friends and socialise. But, even though his family were supportive and helpful, it was simply not possible for him to enrol in school without a wheelchair. Instead, he had no choice but to stay in his home and watch television.

But when Arthur met Motivation, things started looking up.

He was assessed and fitted for a brand new Motivation wheelchair, which helped his parents to move him around his home and community. And since getting his wheelchair, he has had physiotherapy and is now able to walk short distances by himself!

I enjoy walking; it means I can play with my friends.

Now that he is attending school, Arthur is excited about his future. He is studying hard so that he can go to university and become an engineer.

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