Read our Impact and Influence report for updates on how we're supporting disabled people in developing countries.

The publication of Motivation’s impact report is always an important moment for us. It’s a time when we reflect on the work we’ve done over the past 12 months or so and assess the change we have made to the lives of disabled people around the world.

Importantly, this year's report reflects on the first year of our new strategy. From 2018 we’ve pledged to advance wheelchair design, increase access to provision, deliver the greatest impact through careful programming, use learning to evidence and influence best practice, and strengthen our sustainability.

We’re proud to showcase the ways in which we’ve already seen advancement across every area – and delighted to share that with you: our stakeholders who support us every step of the way.

In 2018 we had a direct impact on the lives of more than 19,000 people. We’re really proud to show that we’re supporting even more disabled people, their families and communities. This tells an incredible story of the Motivation journey since our first year of operation – in that initial project we reached around 150 people.

It’s not just our impact that’s growing. A highlight of this year’s report is the coverage of Motivation’s influence. To achieve our vision of a world that is fully inclusive of disabled people, it is vital that we collaborate with others. This past year has given us some particularly special opportunities to do just that.

The Global Disability Summit was a game-changer for the sector. As advisors to the co-organisers, we were excited to be part of the growing momentum around the event. It was truly incredible to see over 300 governments and organisations make commitments to disability inclusion. The event seeded opportunities to join together and create momentum for global change. It was an important reminder that by sharing our knowledge and resources, we can achieve greater change for disabled people beyond our own networks, programmes and focus countries.

The Summit also saw the announcement of a new partnership for evolving provision of assistive technology through innovation. ATscale and AT:2030 were launched at the event and we were thrilled that our latest product design project – Motivation InnovATe – was announced as a funding recipient of their work. This unprecedented global initiative aims to bring together some of the greatest advocates for assistive technology access in the sector. We are excited to joined forces with such an energetic, dynamic and determined group.

We’ve seen our influence growing at country and regional levels, too. Our Ready, Willing and Able programme is allowing us to join up with local companies in Nairobi, Kenya to help them improve understanding of disability employment rights and to provide more job opportunities for disabled people. We also provided consultancy on wheelchair services training to World Vision in Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya; through this connection we’ve been able to share our expertise wider through their established networks.

Since Motivation began, we’ve been on a mission to advocate for disability inclusion as far and wide as possible. We’re proud of the partnerships we've built on inclusion projects, including those with the World Health Organization, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and governments around the world.

But this increased evidence of our influence has shown us – perhaps more than ever before – that our expertise, experience and passion put us in a unique position to advocate for better rights and opportunities for disabled people.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Impact & Influence report. Download it now.